Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stitch Rock 2011

This weekend was the amazing and always very anticipated Stitch Rock. Every year I am in "ahh" at the quality of crafters that get together for this event. Artists at the event ranged from handmade accessory crafters to pickled goodie producers to on-site screen printers. The very talented Amanda Linton did a great job of putting this event together and this year was no exception.

An hour before the doors opened, the line of eager craftie lovers was already down the street. (It seemed that everyone wanted to be one of the first 100 people to get free goodie bags at the event...including some stickers from me!!!) This year, Stitch Rock celebrated its 5th birthday with balloons, party hats, and birthday cake.

I have attended this event before, but never had the guts to participate as a vendor... not until this year. I am so glad I did!!! All the vendors were nice and supportive, which made the experience even better!!!

I have to send a special thank you to Migdalia Pace from Recycle My Bag for lending me her iPad so I could accept credit cards through Square (thanks chica!!!). This made a world of difference. Another super special thanks goes to Rhianna for spending the whole day helping me organize and manage my booth. Thank you...the day would not had been as successful without you.

Visit the New Times to see more pictures from the event.

Octokitty at Stitch Rock
Rhianna getting the last details ready.

Octokitty at Stitch Rock
Migdalia and I having a good time at the event.

Octokitty at Stitch Rock
Rhianna and Migdalia by my booth

Octokitty at Stitch Rock
A kid (name unknown) came to play with my toys. Not parental supervision was necessary.

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