Friday, April 20, 2012

Luchadores Giveaway

It's been a while since my last post bu I have been keeping busy... visit my facebook, tumblr, etsy, and flickr.

This is the official announcement of the Limited Edition Luchadores Series 2 stickers. This is a limited print of 40 sets of stickers. Each set has 6 different Luchadores in it. To celebrate this new launch and because Cinco De Mayo (May 5) is just around the corner I am having a giveaway were one lucky fan can win an Octokitty Luchadores bundle. Included in this prize is one set of the Limited Edition Luchadores Series 2 stickers, one set of the brand new Sugar Skulls stickers and 2 of my favorite luchadores prints. This is a must have for any Lucha Libre, masked wrestler fan!

This giveaway takes place in my facebook art page and goes until Saturday May 5, better known as Cinco de Mayo! The winner will be selected at random from all the submissions, and announce on Facebook, Monday May 7.

How to enter giveaway: