Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dr Seuss Live Art Event Recap

Art Nouveau's monthly themed art event took place last night (Wednesday, March 23) at The Lounge in downtown Palm Beach, Florida. What a good time it was! This month's theme was Dr. Seuss. I had the great fortune to be invited to take part in this art show (I had to change my flight a couple of times, but it was very much worth it). These events are the funnest art events I've ever been part of.

At this art show artists are encourage to create their art live at the venue. My main medium being fabric I decided to finish work on a big commissioned piece (sorry not pictured below).

To make a long story short the show was a lot of fun with lots of talented artist painting, drawing, sewing, gluing, burning, spray painting, glass blowing, body painting.... I hope you get the idea. Below are a few of the pictures that I was able to take between breaks from sewing and laughing. You can also visit the New Times for more pictures.

Denn Rodriguez Plushies
Grichter Plushisker, Reginald Kenilworth III, Esquire and Cat in the Hat

Artists June Tapia, Migdalia Pace & Denn Rodriguez

Some of my plushies

Curator of the event and artist Teresa Korber

Body painting by Georgette Pressler

Artists Cary Polkovitz, Teresa Korber & Denn Rodriguez

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Work

I may not have been posting much in the past few weeks, but is not because I am not creating anything new. In the contrary I been busy working on new characters and commissions and haven't had a chance to take pictures and post here. ...How I wish I had an assistant.

I still have plans to finish at least 2 more pieces for an upcoming art show I have in Florida (see previous blog post). Even though I already have plans for tonight (Friday), tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday I am hoping to get some work done in between and before Tuesday, when I board a plane to Florida. I really want to do a Cat in the Hat and the Things 1 and 2.

Here are some pictures of the new plushies I have been working on and are still working on.

Denn Rodriguez plush designer
Commission plush, Bunny Flapapolis

Denn Rodriguez plush designer
Commission plush, Bunny Alien

Denn Rodriguez plush designer
Commission plush, Bunny Alien & Bunny Flapapolis

Denn Rodriguez plush art
Grinch plushies for Dr. Seuss Art Show. Available in shop

Denn Rodriguez plush art
Grinch plush for Dr. Seuss Art Show Available in shop

Denn Rodriguez plush artist
Commission plush, Zombie Monkey (Still under work)

Denn Rodriguez plush artist
Commission plush, Zombie Monkey (Still under work)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dr. Seuss Live Art Show

RSVP to the event

Wednesday, March 23 starting at 8:00pm
I'll be participating in the famous Art Nouveau's live art show at the Lounge (West Palm, FL). I used to do this event all the time when I lived in Florida. They are always an awesome party with a bunch of talented artists and surprises.

Last night I was working on some illustrations for the event, my very own Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 Thing 2. If you are not making it to the show, you'll have to wait until after the event to see them. I'll be turning those illustrations into stickers and other printed items. I am expecting to also have some Grinch plush and maybe some other Dr. Seuss characters. You'll have to come to the art show to see them as well and to find out what else I come up with.

If you are in the area or would like to see more information on the event check the event's facebook page.