Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sticker Night Out

Luchador calling a friend

Luchador hanging by the train

My First Batch of Stickers

OctoKITTY at Revolutions

Me and some friends went to Fort Lauderdale to go see The Sounds and Revolutions. Since we were there we also decided to paste some stickers. River Front is a great place for stickers! We ended pasting a bunch of them at the show, my favorite one is the one in front of the register. But there where also 2 in the bathrooms. The bathroom one was kind of special, since I wasn't the one that pasted it and a friend of mine called me the morning afterto let me know that she saw it. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Stickers and Buttons

My new character series ICQBS. Hopefully these will be posted all over town in a a few weeks. No, they are not electricity, they are little kids dressed in overly sized clothes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mrs Pontico : Hula Dancer

Mrs. Pontico is the happiest hula dancer ever. She has mad skills and a beautiful smile, don’t tell her otherwise because she won’t hesitate to rip your arms off and make you eat glass. Pretty smile, pretty, pretty smile. SMILE!!! (Mrs Pontico is fully done in Illustrator and uses one coconut image for the texture of her coconuts.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

El Peligrozo Azúl Visits Chichén Itzá

El Peligrozo Azúl is a "Lucha Libre" wrestler born in south Florida from Puertorrican parents. He has been retired from the action for a few years, traveling the world is his new passion. Of course he still goes in costume, if not he wouldn't be El Peligrozo Azúl, he would just be José Octavio Rodríguez Maldonado, which sounds pretty exotic but not as exciting.

In his latest adventure, El Peligrozo visited the Yucatán peninsula of México. There he had a tons of fun, he ate a lot, partied all night and drank all day. Hi visited many cities like Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Valladolid, Izamal, Mérida, Uman and a few others that he cannot remember. In this cities he visited many places like the ruins of Tulúm, Cenote Samulá, the Izamal church, the plaza of Valladolid and Mérida a big pyramid in the middle of a town and a few other places. But out of all this places his favorite has to be Chichén Itzá, one of the new wonders on the world.

luchador peligrozo azul
Walking to Chichén.

luchador peligrozo azul
El Castillo (Pyramid of Kukulcán)

luchador peligrozo azul
El Caracol (Observatory)

luchador peligrozo azul
El Peligrozo and me in front of El Castillo

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monster Pirate

Since I don't have a story or a real name for this guy. As soon as I figure one out I'll post him to Mojizu.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Plush

I started on a new plush yesterday. Is a new luchador. He is basically the same template as the blue luchador but red with different materials.... Some jersey material, a little bit of felt, cotton and other random stuff. I'm trying something new. Hopefully it will work out. As soon as it is done I will post a picture.

Going to Rock the Stich this past Saturday in Delray definitely got my inspired! There where even some plushies. Can't wait to be able to put mine out to the world. But for now Ill just work on them. :)

Yeah 'm going back to basics. Going to do a small collection of luchadores. Need to make a new color though since I;ll have 2 red ones and a blue one. Maybe a white one will be cool! ...Of to work I go!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monkey Stickers :: Coming Soon ::

Stickers of the "Happy Monkey" will be done before Oct 4th of 2008. Contact me if you would like one. The first 20 are FREE. :)

The stickers will be in on Friday, October 3rd, 2008. I can't wait to see them!!! Stay tuned for the next batch of stickers! Coming very soon!

Online Publications

I have published both mixed media (plushies) and design work in Iniciativa Colectiva, a online art zine. Check me out in issues 9 and 12. You can also find some of my character designs at

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Button / Badge Collection

Brand New button collection. OCTOkid is inspiredin one of the first plushies I did, OCTOkitty. Stickets and papers soon to come.


This is somewhat what the logo for OCTOkitty will look like. I'm having some issues bringing illustrations from work. There I use Illustrator CS 3 in a PC and at home I have CS 2 in a MAC. I actually finished the logo and have it ready for a vinyl sticker but of course... as soon as I opened it at home 90% of the document was missing. CRAP! I guess I'll try to save it in a few different ways before I bring it home.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Interests and Future Plans

In the future my plan is to add some stuff that I'm interested in, that I have done, that I will be doing and that I would like to do. Woa. That's a lot of I. I'm not really self centered but after all it is my blog. Well I lets start with a few of my interests.

Lets see... Traveling will definitely have to be my #1. I actually have a trip planned for next month to go to Mexico with a couple of friends. Rhianna and Joshua, both super awesome, talented and funny to no end.

Now between 2 -150 it will have to be, eating, making friends, listening to good music.. sometimes even some bad music as long as its fun, hanging with friends, going out with friends, making new friends... wait, I said that last one already. I really like art and to do art, but I don't really consider myself an artist. Maybe that will change in the future. I really like fishing. My girl friend just taught me how to do it last year. Now I'm better than her... yeah I wish. I also like diving, driving around the country, camping, drinking socially and experiencing new things, places, and cultures. Oh yeah I also LOVE making Plushies!!!! (check out the latest magazine from that link). Something that I want to do in the near future is some stencils and silk screening.

This crazy friend of mine, Dan and I keep bouncing ideas off of each other. So far we have a movie, 2 books and a bunch of different art pieces.