Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exposed Art Nouveau

Denn Rodriguez plush zombie bear
Denn Rodriguez Zombie Bear
Photos by Kristian Andrew for the New Times magazine

Zombie Bear included in the New Times slideshow for Art Nouveau's EXPOSED live art show. He was a birthday commissioned piece that debuted that night. So happy to see that he was welcomed with open arms to a new loving home.

To see the complete slideshow visit New Times.com

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Star Wars"

Star Wars Denn Rodriguez
Some older stuff that needed to be placed here. My interpretation of some Star Wars characters, (from left to right) Chubaka, Han Solo, Wampa and an Ewok luchador (wrestler).

Zombie Bear

I just finished a commissioned piece entitled Zombie Bear. He is the love child of Monster #2 of Resident Evil (the movie) and Teddy Ruxpin, the creepy talking doll from the 80's (yeah we all remember him). Zombie Bear was born with an ingrained love for brains, legwarmers and 1980's horror movies.

As you can see, he has a bone hand, brains coming out of his head, those are worms coming out of his eye and a pocket where he keeps his heart. Click "read more" (under the image) to see more images.

Zombie Bear Denn Rodriguez

Friday, July 2, 2010

Collaborative Art Show

Artist Joshua Surprenant and I (Denn Rodriguez) were involved in a collaborative, live art show this Thursday, July 1, at Respectables, a night club on Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach. This one-night event required two artists to collaborate and create a unique art piece in front of a live audience. Joshua and I decided to create a Dia de los Muertos sugar skull mask, Joshua's forté, and cover it with felt, which I typically use to make my plush creations.

For more pictures, visit this album.
If you are interested in having your own sugar skull mask, contact me or Joshua Surprenant.

Sugar Skull Denn Rodriguez

Sugar Skull Denn Rodriguez

Sugar Skull Denn Rodriguez