Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Interests and Future Plans

In the future my plan is to add some stuff that I'm interested in, that I have done, that I will be doing and that I would like to do. Woa. That's a lot of I. I'm not really self centered but after all it is my blog. Well I lets start with a few of my interests.

Lets see... Traveling will definitely have to be my #1. I actually have a trip planned for next month to go to Mexico with a couple of friends. Rhianna and Joshua, both super awesome, talented and funny to no end.

Now between 2 -150 it will have to be, eating, making friends, listening to good music.. sometimes even some bad music as long as its fun, hanging with friends, going out with friends, making new friends... wait, I said that last one already. I really like art and to do art, but I don't really consider myself an artist. Maybe that will change in the future. I really like fishing. My girl friend just taught me how to do it last year. Now I'm better than her... yeah I wish. I also like diving, driving around the country, camping, drinking socially and experiencing new things, places, and cultures. Oh yeah I also LOVE making Plushies!!!! (check out the latest magazine from that link). Something that I want to do in the near future is some stencils and silk screening.

This crazy friend of mine, Dan and I keep bouncing ideas off of each other. So far we have a movie, 2 books and a bunch of different art pieces.