Friday, June 24, 2011

New Stickers & Luchador Challenge

Win your very own luchador possy. They make good bodyguards, parties and margaritas!

luchadores stickers

Be the envy of all as the proud owner of the very limited collection of Luchadores Series 1 vinyl stickers (0nly 15 packs), after sold out it won't get printed again. You'll finally have that luchador you've always dreamed of stuck to your laptop 24/7. Epic Win!

How to Win:
Leave a Luchador name as a comment below.
Be creative (not mean). The best most original name will be crowned as the winner. The Winner will be selected by a professional team of masked wrestlers (to be announced at a later date). The selected name will be used in the publication of the Luchadores Series 2 stickers.

Stickers details:
Luchadores Series 1 Sticker set, it's a VERY limited print of vinyl stickers, less than 20 sets. There are 7 different mask wrestlers on the set. Two of these characters will stay a mystery until the lucky buyer or challenge winner opens their set.

These stickers are printed on a vinyl like paper and cut by hand. Each sticker is between 4" to 4.5" tall. They come carefully packed in a plastic bag, and shipped surrounded by cardboard to avoid any bends. If you want to skip the challenge and buy your own set the the price f is $7. You can pre-order now by sending me an email or leaving a comment below. I'll contact you with more information.


  1. Abejundio de stinger = (abejundio means bee)

    2.-MI HIJO SE LLAMA DOLORRRRRRRRR (con todas las r)

  3. • chicharito
    • el frito
    • mole
    • el churro
    • el sangrón
    • el marimacha
    • miti-miti
    • tentenpié
    • frijolito
    • fufurufo - show off
    • fuchi - stinky
    • el jarocho - someone from Veracruz

  4. I love all your characters so much D! But the Luchadors are by far my faves! It's been so amazing to watch you grow, blossom and get recognized for the talented artist you are. you have a unique gift. I can't wait to see your little characters on sale all over the world!

  5. no hablo espanol. but I do speak english. I heart your stickers and secretly sleep with them under my pillow.

  6. oh I didn't read the directions. How about

    The Tiny Titan?

    spanish translation (i think?) El Titán Diminuto