Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Sea Monster" Workshop

Finally the last creature for the workshop is done. He was suppose to be a mean and scary Sea Monster but ended looking more like a cute and friendly Sea Horse. I like him better that way. Gives me the chance to pet him without having my arms ripped off.

How it works out
So far, the idea is that attendants to the event have the ability to create one of these tree creatures. With the help of the "workshop teacher" Amanda, and some other people that will be there to help. I'll be one of those other people.
How do you attend this show you ask? Well that is easy! The one and only thing you have to do is go here and register. Well I guess after that you also have to show up to the actual event. But you know what I mean. On a side note, some of these events tend to get booked very quickly since the space is very limited (20 people limited). So you don't want to wait for the last minute to try and register. Don't be mad at me if you do wait and then there is no space. I did warn you. Multiple times.

Minimal skill is required to create these creatures. Some are bit more difficult than others but don't be afraid they are not hard. My idea was to create cute creatures that everybody could customize to their liking and have fun while making them. So come and have fun making a naked chef/naked farmer/naked space man or a dumb yeti or a sea monster/sea horse. You can even change them to be something more your style. Can't wait to see the new creations!

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  1. Can't wait to put my epic man-stitching skills to good use on this workshop.