Thursday, August 13, 2009

Workshop Coming Soon!

Best Friends! ...or Food source?

Explanation needed?

Every month the Bear and Bird Gallery is host to the Bear and Bird Workshops. Recently they started an artist series. Where a guest artist creates a unique pattern especially for the workshop. Rosanna Pereyra kicked off the series with the cutes little stuffed bears. They were super fun to make. Coming up is my turn and my theme is Mythical Creatures. tan ta ta tan!!! ...that sounded way better in my head. Before I forget, I'm working on a 3rd pattern for this workshop, something in the realm of Sea Monster. Just want to make sure to give everybody creative options.
If you are in the area and would like to participate in this workshop or upcoming workshop join their mailing list. This way they can let you know when the next one is coming up and you don't miss it and cry a little. (yeah, that's never pretty).


  1. I think it's awesome that you're teaching a workshop. You are definitely plushie-talented! Loved your Star Wars stuff. Are plush noobs allowed at these workshops? :)

  2. Cannot wait for this show to happen, the information these lucky people will learn from you will cause heads to explode.

    Loving the butt shot but I'd keep an eye on what occurs behind the camera with those two, hmm.

  3. Everyone is welcome to the workshop! Well, that's after you register. :) Join their mailing list so you know when you can register. Registration is also limited, sometimes to only 12 or so people.

    Thanks Dan! Yeah they are starting to get kind of frisky I had to separate them. Now one sleeps in the living room while the other one sleeps in the office. :)

  4. *gasp*

    I wanna goooooo. it would be so exciting!!! ^_^