Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shiny New Cards!

After years of outdated information and tired stock I got myself on gear and designed new colorful, character friendly business cards. It was so excited to wake up at noon to the ring of the door bell and a maniac barking dog... to sign for a package and not know what it was.... hopefully it won't explode. OH WAIT! It's my new cards! Oh wow! That was a fast turn around!

Look at the cute bull and the cow jumping over the moon... silly cow, there's only sheep on the other side. Thank you Florida Wholesale Printers for my new cards! Now I can finally give cards away that I am proud off and have all my current information.

Ok, so fine the cards are not "shiny". I am not trying to deceive you, I just like the word shiny. I wanted the cards to have a matte finish, they look more professional* that way... yes I know, there are cartoons on it, but now they are professional cartoons. They have a matte finish after all.

Denn Rodriguez
Denn Rodriguez

*Why I think matte is professional. Because super glossy cards are for night clubs, which I don't consider professional. So the opposite of super glossy is matte. The End.

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  1. I agree - super glossy finishes are tacky! Nice cards!!