Friday, January 14, 2011

Your own little shop

We all know of Etsy and how awesome it is. Right?

But did you know of Big Cartel?

No? Neither did I until a few weeks ago.

So what is Big Cartel? Is this great service that lets you create your own online shop. It even offers a free 5 items. I am just staring to test it out so I am using the free trial. Check it out It was very easy to put together, specially since I already have an Etsy store. It even gives me the option to link back to my website. I am hoping that one day I can have my own costume store.... a girl can only dream. :)

I hope you guys enjoy this, let me know how it works out for you.

:: UPDATE ::
I recently came across another site that fit this online shop theme, Tradepal.

This site lets you sell, trade even give away and item for free. It's free to list your item and you can even add multiple images for free. At the point of sell Tradepal charges individual sellers a flat transaction fee amounting to 6% of the final transaction price. If that works for you go check it out. I also made store here... well they call it garage. Check out my garage.

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