Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Little Foot & Miss Cupcake

Meet Baby Little Foot, son of Big Foot, he is a 5 month old forest monster who doesn’t know much about cities or technology. He spends his days identifying thousands of different types of leaves and kinds of dirt. He loves hiking in the forest with his best friend, a dung beetle named Matthew. Like all Little Foots, Baby Little Foot can read and write, but his favorites things to do are riding a bicycle and playing pranks on hunters, scientists, and Big Foot enthusiasts. Most people think he is a little boy in fuzzy pajamas, but be warned, he is a tough cookie and willing to protect his family and the creatures of the forest.

Next to him is little Miss Cupcake, she spends most of her time in the kitchen cooking interesting sweets like cardboard cake cookies, jambalaya donuts, and pancake cheesecakes. Miss Cupcake loves coming up with odd combinations, and, for a while now, she's been working on creating the perfect pizza stuffed French toast. Most of her sweet creations are donated to the local children's hospital, but most usually end up in the trash can. She doesn't usually eat the treats herself because she says she's trying to "maintain her girlish figure". All the children love her (not her cooking) and call her a master baker with a heart of brown sugar.

These two plushies have sold and are no longer available in my etsy store. They are traveling to their new home in South Carolina.

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