Sunday, January 31, 2010

GUR Miami!!!

Not exactly art related but definitely super fun! This weekend Rhianna, two friends and I did the Great Urban Race Miami. What is GUR? Well think Amazing Race but local. We were team Foo Foo Cuddlie Poop (blame Rhianna for that one) and Joshua and Julio were team Chimi Changa.

We really had no idea what to expect when getting to the race, but soon after starting we where having a blast. We did so much in 3 hours, from a 2 minutes salsa lessons to waxing a surf board, jumping in the air for a picture, getting our nails painted and waiting for the bus... it was run, run, run all over Miami Beach. We'll definitely have to do this again!

Just got the official time. 2:38:03 that's 53rd place out of 107. Not that bad for a first time. First place did it in 1:36:02 THAT"S CRAZY!!!!!

Julio , Rhianna Joshua and I

Yeah! We had to take the bus!

Had to come back to this one. Needed to touch it.

Jump for chocolate!!!

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